The Vintage Chicks Club is an Australian Family owned
and operated business in the
Craft & Quilting Industry 
since 1985.

The Family got together and created a
safe haven for all Crafty People who just wanted to expand
their knowlege and meet up with like minded people.

Our Club is open to Men,Women and Children
over the ages of 5 years plus, who enjoy Creating.

The Vintage Chicks Club has been the staple in the lives of Paper crafters,
Scrapbooking, Cardmakers,  Mixed Media, Pottery, Floristry,
Quilting  and more...

Throughout these years, we have welcome Local, Interstate and
International Teachers on board, to inspire our Customers 
at Workshops & Retreats.

Most of all, we are renowned for our Boutique Styled Retreats. 
We strive to insure that all of our Guests attending our Retreats,
get pampered as soon as they arrive at our Retreats to the end.

"If you are looking to expand your knowledge,
purchase the  latest products that the Craft & Quilting Industry
has to offer you, or simple meet new Craft Friends
or  catch up with old friends to continue making memories,
Join our club today!
There are no Membership Fees...
It's free....!!!!

Now take your time to browse at what The Vintage Chicks Club has to offer you.

If you require further information about our Club, Products or Events
Please feel free to contact us by email. 
Wishing you a day filled with Creativity and keep
Unlocking The Artist Within
TVCC Team xxxx

Events Coordinator
Late Dr Jenny
Her Craft Legacy Continues..