Dear Customers,
Please read this carefully as it is important that you understand about Retreat Cancellations.

At your initial time of booking into one of our retreats you are asked to pay a
non refundable deposit which ranges from $50 to $100, this is to secure your space at the retreat.
Depending on the policy of venues most times venues require balances to be paid
between 1 to 3 months prior to the event.
There are also venue that will not refund but are happy to transfer our bookings to another date.
Below we have enclosed more information about closures and canceling Retreats.

COVID 19 Cancellation
This applies to Lock Down leading up to the Retreat. 
If for some reason the Retreat cannot go ahead due to a Lock Down
or the owners of the club fall ill, these procedures will take effect immediately.

1) All Guests will be notified on the private group event page on face book on the new date.

2) If you can commit to the new date your booking will be transferred to the new date.

3) If you cannot commit to the new date and you have paid for the entire retreat,
your monies minus the Non refundable Deposit will be issued back
to your nominated bank account.

4) If you don't want to loose your Non refundable Deposit you are more
than welcome to sell your space to another crafter.
The Vintage Chicks will also advertise and try and fill your space.
You will need to notify us of the change over transferred.

5) If you decide to cancel 3 months prior to the event due to your own personal reasons,
please be aware that we do not refund. Once again we are happy to find someone to fill your space.
If you have further questions please email us directly to